Facts about Gay Erotic Massage

Whether you have been thinking about a gay erotic massage but could never gather up the courage or if you are an experienced masseur yourself, there is always something new and exciting to discover in the world of male gay massage. Gay massage techniques are always evolving and no two massage experiences are exactly alike.

One fairly recent iteration in the field is the gay massage exchange. If you have never heard of it, you are not alone. However, this new gay massage phenomenon is already making waves in the country and around the world so be prepared to discover for yourself very soon how and why it has become so popular.

What is a gay massage exchange?

Gay Erotic Massage

The term ‘gay massage exchange’ is self-explanatory. It refers to people who are gay (male or female) massaging each other by turns. It is a form of sensual massage exchange that allows two men to experience the pleasures of massage while also enjoying the additional benefit of developing a deep interpersonal relationship with someone who shares common interests and inclinations.

As it is with any other massage, the exchange may lead to further bonding and even sexual gratification. Sexual pleasure is not the main focus of gay men’s massage in any form and neither is it here. However, it is certainly on the cards if the participants agree to it before, during or after the massage is completed.

What are the erotic massage rules?

The rules around any intimate activity should be agreed upon by the participants before they begin to engage in it. An erotic gay massage exchange is no different.

Most people will agree that the first and foremost rule of massage is to agree whether it will be sexual. This allows you to avoid awkward situations that arise when two people come to a massage expecting different things from each other.

Another point of contention may be what part of the body is fair game. Most of the agreement here is set by the previous question on sexual contact but you may want to add specifics, depending on what you feel most comfortable with. The attire for the massage exchange is also entirely up to both participants to decide on.

Remember that the rules that you set before you meet someone may be affected by how well you actually gel with them after you do meet. Do not succumb to pressure to follow through with something if you do not feel comfortable doing so. On the other hand, some meetings go far better than expected; in this case, why bite your tongue? Ask them if they would like to explore more together with you.

Just as important as knowing the rules is knowing what there are no rules about, in this case, experience. Massage exch novices may feel intimidated about trying this new trend if they do not have any massage knowledge themselves. They limit themselves to partners who also have limited to no experience but this is entirely unnecessary – most people who try massage exchange prefer to know more about you as a person rather than just your massage skills.

Who uses a gay exchange massage?

Massage exchanges may be spreading like wildfire now but they have always been a part of the massage community. Gay massage therapists of both sexes have long used massage exchanges to hone their female and male sensual massage techniques.

It is an effective educational tool and allow them to improve their services and share their knowledge with the wider massage therapy community, which ultimately leads to better massages for anyone using gay massage services. It comes as no surprise that the best gay massage service providers are often masseuses and masseurs who regularly use gay exchange massage in their own lives.

Outside of the professional circles, gay massage exchange is gaining traction for its focus on interaction rather than participants just being a ‘giver’ or ‘recipient’. Local massage groups, online meeting places and hook-up apps are leading the charge into making exchange massages a mainstream practice.

Even in personal lives, couples are using massage exchange as a prelude to sexual contact and even regularly including it as part of their repertoire in the bedroom. Singles are using the exchange of massages as a way to meet people with the same interests.

The safe environment and low overt sexuality of massage makes it the perfect activity to share with someone before deciding whether to enter into a deeper relationship with them.

Gay massage exchange or hookup?

Some people who first hear about gay massage exchange are eft wondering what the difference is between this and a usual hookup. There is one way they are entirely unalike – choosing a gay massage exchange does not mean you are putting yourself out there romantically or for any sexual intent.

The only thing you have signed up for is to exchange massages – if more comes of the experience than fine. A hookup, on the other hand, sets off from a starting point of a non-platonic meeting.

Why is gay massage exchange so popular?

Gay massage exchange has really taken off in recent years. A large part of its popularity is because there are no expectations of the participants other than a desire to meet other gay men for a session of mutual interaction with no other expectations.

No one is judging you by your looks, body shape, massage abilities or any criteria other than your desire to be there in the moment. It is the perfect safe space to be yourself.

Another reason is that gay men massage gay men better than anyone else, male or female. They understand best what works best in terms of the release and pleasure that a male touch brings.

If you want to get to know what other gay men are saying about this, you can search for massage exchange reviews and read about the wonderful experiences mean like you are having right now. One of the sites receiving the best reviews for gay massage is 1800 GAY MASSAGE. It is the perfect place to learn about the magic of gay massage before plunging into gay massage exchange.

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