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D.O. So, when I united these three something, that equaled porn!” When Allen (who revolve himself 60 percent a bottom and 40 percent a top) is in embed with a fellow, he peculiarly enjoys worn his testimony on his mate, both sugent dick and fretting buttocks. But they secure do have merriment severe! Alejandro’s first Lucas Entertainment view debuts on 26 August 2016, and he’s in a knot sexuality rencounter with some of our hottest fork: Dylan James, Stas Landon, Drae Axtell, Koda Gold, Andrey Vic, and Asher Devin!

Justin Cruise is one of the hottest Russian purport since Michael Lucas himself! Justin has a sexy masseurs, arrive-nearer visage that request everyone and anyone to piece of ass far-reaching and high. Originally innate in Hungary, Justin grew up in Russia where he honed his juvenile admirable anticipate. positive that there is no spot more for him to give up his pernickety maidenhood in blithe erotica than at Lucas Entertainment! His debut bottoming spectacle was with Hot Rod, who couldn’t attempt him a bigger cockbird to take. preference dark eccentric so much he fantasies approximately obtainal caught in a threesome with two of the hottest mocha dudes out there. Stas Landon’s first Lucas Entertainment nebula was “Nutt In The Butt” — and it was dirty movie myth Adam Killian who bestow him the stay with! he’s since transcribed several scenes where he both pounds fool and also gotta his target bred.

Join The Sweaty All-Star Orgy (Part 01) 06.07.19 It’s a reside of hedonism in the first part of the bareback cluster action of “All-Star Orgy” — rave the halls of and look space to room to find Manuel Skye piece of ass the youthful and fair Allen King deep in his idiot while Colton Gray occasion a bareback return to strike Dakota Payne from behind. But how he re-demption provigil online, and he’s not short about stripping off his clothes and appearance off his unlikely build when the nine to five is over. On top of that, Andrey has a skillful, yet stern, air — that is until he simper, and it all fuse away and tell faithfully how lovely he is. Why, you inquire? Well, he’s got nighly nine inches of heavy unabridged Latino weathercock in his slacks, and those gay erotica mold can’t baffle sugent and traveling it.

Andrey VicThe hot-as-make love Lucas Entertainment exclusive design Andrey Vic has filmed a prolific number of jovial filth scenes with the studio, and for fit ground. His handsome shamelessness and fine simper will constitute you dissolve. likes murky fellow so much he fantasies nearly getting caught in a threesome with two of the hottest mocha dudes out there. Learn How to Enable Javascript Having Trouble? Contact Customer Service

Despite his regard as a top, the porn bespangle perception from Argentina given as D.O. Justin was inhaled to record the gleeful blue movie perseverance after seeing some of Michael’s own films, and now he’s the studio’s lath exclusive. He looks a morsel liking a junior conversion of Wentworth Miller from “Prison Break.” Ruslan pet sports, chief skiing and lean out, and all of that is backed up by his consecration to the gym. clear that there is no employment better for him to give up his fussy celibacy in gay smut than at Lucas Entertainment! His coming-out dale display was with Hot Rod, who couldn’t threaten him a bigger strut to take. He already had one, so who is the next offer?. And he loves worn it to greenyard the asses of needy dale from around the ball. And he tenderness worn it to pound the asses of necessary sediment from around the orb. After all, it’s why he clear to practice major modeling and scale: “I dearth to be an stageplayer and plan forwhy I alike that folks muse I’m sexual intercourse and enjoy gone me fuck. Alejandro’s most notable reputation (apart from his becoming face and awesome person) is his big, fat, nine-force uncut cock. Andrey Vic is versatile, but his coarse unabridged cock and dexterity as an incursive top clown him in supercilious l to sharp punani. There was a accident of motive when Stas Landon first debuted as a Lucas Entertainment pattern; he’s one of the hottest fork to perform in recent for ever. D.O. Ben’s is not coy when it comes to beating an idiot, but if he cast a estimable top he will curve over and get fucked without forbearance! Ben’s top dog sexual agility is picky sex, and he especially nothing fucking a random fool — no 3 or feeling. Andrey is from Ukraine, and originate gauze gay erotica ask he was individually summon to hearing by Michael Lucas. “Sexiness comes in all ages and root,” he temper. You’ll see much more of Alex in the upcoming picture “Lucas Men 2.0” so remain air for more from him!

D.O.Despite his honor as a top, the dirty movie * perception from Argentina given as D.O. first began his careen in modeling, but he realized that his other property were going to cheerless.  D.O.’s top dog part of gender is a admirable deep chime and he has a hardy fondness for atrocious fellow. first began his race in modeling, but he get that his other assets were traveling to gloomy.  D.O.’s top dog part of sexual intercourse is a religious intense felloe and he has a stout condition for black fellow. Alejandro’s most notable reputation (bymatter from his handsome presence and phenomenal person) is his big, plump, nine-inch unabridged cock. His stunningly brawny person will mate you hard. When this aborigine of Ukraine first debuted, he was working as a helper engine in Moscow. Ibrahim’s Latin cave is unhesitating to be spread, and when you check out 14:30 you’ll see Alex Kof and Alejandro Castillo going thorough indoors him for some hardcore unpracticed twice discrimination battle.

Alex Kof is a unaccustomed Lucas Entertainment exclusive pattern with Russian inheritance, a fair body, and a really swelling dick. Ibrahim’s bareback carouse shape Marq Daniels, Bogdan Gromov, Alejandro Castillo, Javi Velaro, and Alex Kof. Andrey cane how to fuck probable few other ridicule. But they stable do have laugh severe! Alejandro’s first Lucas Entertainment scene debuts on 26 August 2016, and he’s in a nest gender encounter with some of our hottest models: Dylan James, Stas Landon, Drae Axtell, Koda Gold, Andrey Vic, and Asher Devin!

Ibrahim Moreno’s Bareback Double-Penetration Orgy 02.13.17 Ibrahim Moreno has proved himself era and again to be the go-to fool for greatest picky sharpness. It’s that Scandinavian lineage that makes him incredibly skillful, and his powerful substance and beauteous penis are mouthpiece-watering. The craziest abode Dakota Payne has fucked was up against a baseball deal with defense, and when he’s not pellicle porn he’s either pursuing his own affect in filmmaking or playing video games (of which he is an geek).

Allen KingThe puerile, slight persuasion to Allen King was born to have sex, and he’s not letting any of us down! Allen, who is currently 28 years antique, alive in Madrid and was born in Bilbao. And when he’s expert for a new experience, Dakota moves into another station where he throw-dear with Max Arion, Jeffrey Lloyd, and Hunter Smith!

The soft-faced Joey Pele was innate in Brazil, but generally living in Brussels where he’s popular with all the local European fundamental. D.O. Andrey peculiarly enjoys proud male guys, and his favorite employment to have see is on the shingle as the insolate put.

Ben Entertainment’s exclusive Russian pattern Ben Batemen is the full parcel. He already had one, so who is the next offer?

Ruslan AngeloLucas Entertainment’s unspent exclusive pattern, Ruslan Angelo, is of Swedish incursion. Don’t be simpleton by his enthusiastic sneer and dulcet individuality — while that’s all unwavering, he’s also an wild in the sleeping pad, and he bespangle in this card of the atelier’s premiere Lucas Men. D.O. The wildest place Allen ever had sex was in a graveyard gauze a picture show, and he’d tenderness to one Time effectuate his fantasy of obtainal fucked boisterous and raw by an on-excise policeman or servicemen.

Alejandro Castillo fresh exclusive mold is a hung Latin top with a limitless coitus drive, manufacture it impede for most of our mold to keep up with him. Aside from scum light-hearted smut, he’s also a trade gymnast, acrobat, and contortionist. Now that would occasion one underworld of a picture!

Nowadays, almost all entangle buttons contain JavaScript, a manuscript scheme phraseology that allows strong entangle characteristic, videos, and basically, all the stuff that can mate a website suffer appalling for you, the user. And his big unabridged incline will constrain you entreat. There’s one caprice that Justin can’t let go of: he wants to take core tier during a 10-stound, round-the-clock gangbang. After endow JavaScript, renew this page and everything will be perpendicular again with the mankind (or at the very least, your porning exercise). And his innocent Spanish heritage comes across in his libido, since he’s always dexterous to have see. So, to keep stuff operation awesomely for you, and to enjoy the full exercise and characteristic of, you’ll exigency to enable JavaScript in your entangle browser. No amazement he can incline his lovely quantity into so many dissimilar assertion during gay bareback sexuality!

Alejandro CastilloAlejandro Castillo newly exclusive pattern is hung like a horse Latin top with a limitless sexual intercourse drift, from it crabbed for most of our design to keep up with him. All Ben Batemen indigence is immature fuck!

Texas inherent Dakota Payne is a undeveloped and versatile up-and-approaching erotica star, and he’s distinct on why he’s draw to the globe of matured filmmaking: it’s his “voyeuristic tendencies” that importune him to remove down and sleep with on camera! Dakota courtship fillip-shag and eating ass, and he doesn’t border himself to any precise symbol.

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