Lomi Lomi or How to choose Masseurs or Rentboys?

Beware treatments that are “Lomi lomi-inspired.” Lomilomi massage training takes several years to complete, either with a mentor or through a multi-level training program. Our intention is to connect with the individual down to the level of the bones and is very specific and therapeutic work. Because of the process of this style of Lomi, the courses are incremental; therefore students need to take our entry-level course, otherwise, the student may be lost or injure themselves or patients. When Lomi is a path that you are passionate about, no training will be wasted but will serve a greater understanding of the practice as a whole. In general, strokes are long, flowing, fast, and rhythmic, and therapists use their hands, forearms, and occasionally their fists for deep pressure. However, Lomi Lomi massage draws influence from Hawaiian tradition and emphasizes more rhythmic use of the forearms. There is also spiritual side therapists focus on giving the treatment with love and intention. An ancient tradition passed down in Hawaiian culture, Lomi Lomi massage goes beyond physical rejuvenation, soothing the emotional and mental well-being as well. The idea behind this Lomi style then is to bring the persons spirit, mindset, and bones back into alignment, the practice is known as Ho’onohoiwi (bone movers) and is advanced in comparison to most level one trainings available. Traditional practitioners may offer a prayer beforehand. A very nurturing and holistic experience, Lomi Lomi massage exudes the feeling of “aloha”.

I’ve taken Lomi Lomi workshops before, do I still need to take the required pre-requisite – Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Fundamental Training? Ho’omana’s Lomi Lomi sources from the lineage of the Big Island. A great combination of soothing massage therapy and Hawaiian culture, Lomi Lomi is a total therapeutic experience. Spas with seriously trained therapists will be glad to tell you where their staff learned it. This Lomi Lomi comes from lineage holder Auntie Margaret Machado who has now passed on. Because you have learned in another lineage, it will assist you with a more rapid integration beginning with our Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Fundamental Training.We would be honored for you to join our courses, and the pre-requisite of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Fundamental Training is required.

LOMI LOMI MASSAGE A native Hawaiian healing practice, Lomi Lomi or lomilomi massage is a deeply nurturing style of massage characterized by fast flowing movement. MANY CHOOSE LOMI LOMI MASSAGE Lomi Lomi massage is a popular choice for relaxation. The unique style of Lomi Lomi massage makes it the perfect Hawaiian massage experience. Lomi Lomi treatments are typically choreographed and given in time to special music (mostly drums). You may be asked to remove all clothing (you’ll still be covered with a sarong or sheet) so the therapist can keep the quick tempo and move from your shoulders to your glutes and back up in two seconds flat. Lomi Lomi massage is composed of gentle strokes similar to the relaxation massage but uses longer rhythmic motions. It has also been a staple of Maui’s Best Massage since we began. We provide In-Studio and Outcall massage at Maui’s Best Massage. If you’re looking for a way to relax with holistic Hawaiian tradition, you will find Lomi Lomi massage to be the ideal experience. There are 100,000 styles of Lomi Lomi massage, according to author Makana Risser Chai, so it’s hard to know what you’ll be getting. Being able to stay in your home or hotel room during Lomi Lomi massage also helps to enhance your relaxation experience. Outcall means we come to you instead of you having to travel to a spa. This convenient alternative to the travel needed for most massages helps to make the whole experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Much like the relaxation massage, Lomi Lomi is geared toward unwinding.

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