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I am a gay masseur. My story.

Reasons for accumulation hold traumas, surgeries, blemish, tight apparel, distress and toxins. There are many tools to evident accumulation and swiftness the lymph overflow. Specific scar discharge techniques, for motive, augment current through cicatrix and compel them less constrictive. Abdominal cicatrice can cause score, numbing and the feeling that they’re not part of your substance. […]

Lomi Lomi or How to choose Masseurs or Rentboys?

Beware treatments that are “Lomi lomi-inspired.” Lomilomi massage training takes several years to complete, either with a mentor or through a multi-level training program. Our intention is to connect with the individual down to the level of the bones and is very specific and therapeutic work. Because of the process of this style of Lomi, […]